60 day extension for licenses expiring in March and April.

In light of the Coronavirus and the recommendations by the CDC, I would like to encourage you to pay your taxes by mail, ONLINE, or by using our DROP BOX located at the entrance of the Courthouse. You can also use TELEPAY by calling 877-690-3729, jurisdiction code 3562. You will need your account number or bill number. Call the office if you need assistance. Using Telepay will delay you receiving a paid receipt for a couple of days. If you need a paid receipt we can email or fax a copy to you.
If you need help making your payment, call our office and we will be happy to help you.

Thank you, Julie

The Ray County Collector collects and distributes over 25 million dollars annually to over 60 entities within the county. Annual tax statements are mailed in late October to early November of each year and are due by December 31st.

We have added two additional payment methods:

DROP BOX located at the west entrance of the courthouse. This can be used for your tax payment to return your assessment list. DO NOT LEAVE CASH.

TELEPHONE PAYMENTS can be made by calling 877-690-3729. Access code is 3562. You must have your bill number. A service charge applies.


Payments are due in March, June and September. Your balance due will be mailed to you in late October/early November and due by December 31st. No installments will be accepted after September 30th. If full payment is not received by the due date, penalty and interest will be charged on the entire tax amount. See the back of your statement or contact the office for more information.